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On this page, you can find all the information you need to start your adventure in foot fetish and crush fetish and monetize using your feet!

About ILoveCrushing.Com

The platform is conceived on the same business model as OnlyFans and similar sites. Its purpose is to welcome creators in the realm of foot fetish, crush fetish, giantess, foot domination, etc., and give them the opportunity to publish and monetize their content through channel subscriptions or content unlocking. The platform went online about on Augusto 2023, and we tested it with our accounts, including CrushFetishFans.

Why you should trust and start using ILoveCrushing.Com?

We believe there is more than one good reason to start publishing content on rather than other platforms.

  1. ILoveCrushing.Com is a highly specialized FREE platform for foot fetish and crush fetish;
  2. The first successful creators who join will enjoy greater long-term benefits;
  3. With still a few subscribers, you will have the opportunity to receive direct assistance by contacting us privately on our telegram account.
  4. Our fees are significantly lower than those of sites like OnlyFans or similar. Currently, we apply a 20% fee for content consumers and a 10% fee on creators' earnings. OnlyFans charges creators and consumers a 20% fee.
  5. We have an affiliate system that allows you to earn 5% on all transactions from subscribers who come through your link. This is a great opportunity for creators with friends they can introduce to the platform.
  6. Generic platforms like OnlyFans and similar ones could suddenly close your account because it is no longer in line with their company policy. More than one creator in the foot fetish world has complained about this kind of issue. Additionally, in the future, these platforms might impose restrictions and no longer allow the publication of a certain type of pornographic and fetish content, leading to the closure of all accounts belonging to their owners. Our platform, however, is specifically tailored for this type of content, and your account will never be closed or restricted as long as your content adheres to our policy, which prohibits the publication of hard crush and explicit pornography content.
  7. Platforms like OnlyFans have a complex account opening process for creators that involves profile verification through identification documents. Our platform also includes all authentication systems, but unlike major market players, since we are still a smaller community, we have the practice of directly engaging with creators, making the profile verification process much quicker.

We know that we cannot yet compete with giants like OnlyFans, both in terms of technological infrastructure and team size. Therefore, we must be careful and only include qualified and reliable creators with whom we can build the world's most important platform dedicated to foot fetish. A safe place, without advertisements, and obviously legal. This is why we do not support explicit pornography or hard crush content.

Open your free account now!

If you are a creator in foot fetish, crush fetish, giantess, and foot domination, do not hesitate to contact us privately writing to We can help you set up your account in the best way possible and start publishing your content to make money.

If you are not a creator but know some, you can invite them to join our Telegram group, link this page to them, and ask them to contact us. Your help will be appreciated and rewarded with free access to some of our accounts.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new ILoveCrushing.Com community. Start Now!